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Turning The Spotlight On Bone Densitometry
Bone densitometry is a non-invasive technology that is used to measure bone mass. Bone mass, simply put, is the weight of the skeleton, overall or in specific regions. Bone mineral density, or BMD, reveals a risk factor for fractures. BMD is usually expressed as the amount of mineralized tissue in the area scanned....MORE

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New medical equipment showcase

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Integrity Medical receives 25 Years Of Excellence award.

25 years of "Quality Without Compromise"

Integrity Medical is proud to be the recognized leader in developing and equipping "turn-key" diagnostic imaging centers. Our clients include CT & MRI Centers, Women's Health Clinics, Hospitals, and Mobile PET & MRI Companies, etc. In fact, over the last twenty-five years we have designed and outfitted nearly every type of healthcare facility you can think of. When you are looking to buy medical equipment, please call on our expert project management, unsurpassed, refurbished, new and used, equipment selections, and rock-solid reputation for your next project.