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Hitachi Airis-II for Sale

0.3T Open Permanent Magnet System. Configuration:, Operating, Field, Strength 0.3T, Magnetic, Field Orientation, Vertical Homogeneity, +/- 2ppm, Gantry and Table, Magnet, Opening, 42 cm, Vertical Height Table, Extra, Wide (80cm), w/500lb Weight, Capacity Airis, II, Gradient, System Gradient, Strength, 15, mT/m, Maximum Slew Rate, 20 T/m/s, Maximum Shielding, Passive, , to Neutralize the Effects of Eddy Currents Airis, II, RF, System 4, Channel, Quad, Transmitter, for, Uniform, Excitation 5.0, kW, Transmitter, Power Amplifier,0.3, dB, ultra-low, Noise, Pre-amplifier for Higher, SNR Actively, Decoupled, RF, Receiver, Coils Linear, and, Quadrature, Detection Auto, Tuning Airis, II, RF, Receiver, Coil, Set Open, Quad, Head, Coil Quad, Extremity, Coil Large, Extremity, Coil Volumetric, Neck and, Extremity, Coil Medium, Quad, Flexible, Spine, and, Body, notch, Coil Large, Quad, Flexible, Spine, and, Body, notch, Coil Quad, Cervical, Spine, Coil Airis, II, Computer, SystemHost, CPU, is, a, 64-bit, RISC-based, Processor 1GB, of, Memory Additional, Processors, for, Pulse, Sequence, Control, Data, Acquisition. Image Reconstruction, and, Image, Processing <0.1s, Reconstruction, Time, (256, x, 256) Easy, to, use, Open, Windows, Based, GUI Multi-tasking, operating, environment Airis, II, Operator, Console 21", High, Resolution, Color, Monitor Mouse, Input, for, Rapid, Interaction Keyboard, Input, for, Direct, Alpha, Numeric, Response Control, Panel for Patient Intercom, and, Emergency, Stop Airis, II, Operation, Software Scan, Task, Card Viewport, Tool 2D, Processing, Task, Card 3D, Processing, Task, Card Analysis, Task, Card Maintenance, Task, Card Fat, /, Water, Separation Balanced, Sarge, Pulse, Sequence Echo, Planar, Imaging, (EPI) Diffusion, Weighted, Imaging, (DWI) DICOM, 3.0, Network, Interface Airis, II, Imaging, Capabilities Automatic, Per-Patient, Prescan Image, Plane, Selection Acquisition, Features Standard, Pulse, Sequences Protocol, Enhancements MR, Angiography Fast, Spin, Echo Airis, II, Processing, Display, Analysis Image, Display, Display, Matrix:, 1280, x, 1024 Adaptive, Reconstruction Multiplanar, Reformatting Maximum intensity, Projection, (MIP) Expanded, Multi-Tasking Airis, II, Archive, /, Interface Image, Interface:, , Magentic, Disk, 4GB Optical, Disk, 2.6, GB, re-writeable Laser, Image Interface: Digital, Output, and, Host Control of Laser Imager.

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