So you finally decided to do it. You've already looked at prices of NEW C-Arms, and quite frankly you got a heavy dose of "sticker shock." Time to look at Used and Refurbished C-Arms. Now with the idea of saving money maybe you look on eBay (bad idea) and various other "equipment selling" sites. But there are so many companies, and the prices are literally all over the place-- where do you start?

We can offer some professional suggestions below based on our 25+ years selling C-Arms:

#1-- Know Your Budget

A NEW C-Arm can cost anywhere from $80,000 to $250,000. Refurbished C-Arms typically cost between $20,000 and $120,000. Yes, that's a big range. So know what you can spend before contacting C-Arm refurbishers.

#2-- Know The Minimum Capabilities You Need.

Pain Managment, Orthopedics, Urology, Cardiac and/or Vascular Studies-- C-Arms are used for specific studies. And sometimes for a combination of studies. Which of these capabilites will you need for your practice? C-Arms for Pain Managment are generally the LEAST expensive. Cardiac, Vascular and Neuro-Vascular are usually the MOST expensive.

#3-- Know The Difference between Used and Refurbished.

Used C-Arms are just that: Used with all the flaws that the last guy left for you to discover. Many Used C-Arm are sold "As-Is" or with a minimal warranty. Refurbished C-Arms have been tested, repaired, painted, recalibrated with all renewable and bad parts replaced. A Refurbished C-Arm SHOULD come with some kind of Warranty-- in writing. Refurbished C-Arm Warranties range from 1-Year Parts and Labor down to 90-Days.

#4-- Know The Rep.

Rep as in Reputation. If you are buying a Refurbished C-Arm you should be getting a warranty (see #3 above) and installation, training and/or in-service. Beware companies that offer to "drop-ship" you a C-Arm-- the warranty, if they offer one, may disappear when the machine is damaged or doesn't work on arrival. And ultimately the warranty-- in writing of course-- is only as good as the company that's giving it. So do your due dilligence. Ask for a Client Reference list. Good companies can usually provide more than 1 or 2 great references. Great companies will provide you with multiple pages of references.

#7-- Know The Value of The Warranty.

Warranties cost money for the Refurbished C-Arm companies that provide them. If a Reputable Company (see #4 above) is providing you with a 1-Year Warranty on your Refurbished C-Arm they may be calculationg a value of up to 10-15% of the cost of the C-Arm. Is it worth it? A C-Arm that goes down before a full day of procedures more than once during your first year can cost you most of the warranty you did not get on the front end. That is a risk many practices don't wish to take.


Now that you've done your homework-- i.e. decided how much you can spend, what you will be using your C-Arm for, whether you want Refurbished or Used, and who the reputable players are-- you are ready to buy. Of course there are always questions that only knowledgable people with many years of selling C-Arms can answer. That's where Integrity Medical can help. Give us a call. We have a dedicated sales and service team ready to help.