If you are like many GE/OEC users today who have an older 9800 C-Arm, you are probably tired of looking— or perhaps squinting— at those bulky old CRT Monitors. And if your 9800 has been around for a while, it will definitely have some serious “burn-in” by now. In addition, as they age, most older CRT monitors just simply get dimmer and dimmer, lose contrast, and can no longer be adjusted any brighter or clearer.

Unfortunately, the original 9800 CRT monitors are no longer manufactured, and they have become very scarce, if not impossible to find on the secondary market.

NEW LCD Monitor Upgrade.

Well, help has arrived in the form of a LCD Flat-Screen retro-fit monitor kit. The kit consists of two brand new, medical-grade, 19-Inch LCD Monitors, along with a new housing. Yes, you can give that still great old workhorse of a 9800 C-Arm a literal face lift, and a new slimmer profile. And this option is really not a huge amount of money, considering the difference it will make on your eyes. GE currently charges about $18,000 for the LCD kit that eliminates the CRT monitors, but a kit like the one shown below sells for considerably less. The photos shown here are from a recent field upgrade we did for a client in Texas. Their 9800 had serious burn-in, and the doctors were complaining everyday about the blurry images. To say the customer was thrilled with the outcome is an understatement.

In addition to just replacing old CRT monitors, the upgrade is also available on freshly refurbished C-Arm systems. Be sure and inquire when you order your refurbished GE/OEC 9800 C-Arm what the additional cost would be to add-on the LCD kit. It is well-worth the investment.

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