Is The Philips Allura Xper FD20 A Great Cath Lab?

The quick answer to the question posed above is— yes, absolutely. The longer answer is detailed below.

It seems like we get calls every week asking us which interventional cardiac and vascular lab we would suggest.

The answer is always two-fold:

1. What is your budget?

2. What studies do you plan on performing?

The control view as our installation wraps up.

If your answer to question number one above is that you are willing to pay in the top tier of refurbished and used labs— i.e. $350,000-550,000 installed with warranty and build-out— then yes, the Philips Allura FD20 is a great choice. If your answer to question number two is that you will be doing a lot of angio and vascular work, as well as cardiac, then again, yes, the Philips Allura FD20 is a great choice. Another option if the FD20 is beyond your budget is to look closely at the Philips FD10. While the FD20 is a great choice as an all-around flexible Cath/Angio Lab, the FD10 is still worth considering for general Cath/Angio applications. The FD10 is definitely more affordable, and when your lab is being used for cardiology, you won’t miss the FD20’s additional features.

Quick Comparisons with the Philips Allura FD20

1. Both systems use the same gantry and table design, and have the same footprint.

2. The FD10 has a 10-Inch detector and was primarily designed for cardiac.

3. The FD20 has a 20-Inch detector and was primarily designed for angiography, but can also do cardiac work.

4. Both systems are ceiling-mounted, though there is a rarely seen and hard-to-get floor-mounted version.

5. Both systems offer incredible flexibility in movement, rotating 180 degrees on each axis of the L-Arm.

6. Both systems use a powerful 100kw Generator.

7. The FD20 arm and table move a little faster, and the system has additional flexibility in positioning since it was designed primarily for angiography.  

Site-Planning and Installation of the FD20

Installing the FD20 Cath Lab requires significant site-planning and installation time. Make certain that the company you are talking to has the capability and experience to handle such a project.

You can see some photos of an FD20 installation we completed in October 2015. These photos should give you an idea of what is involved in this kind of project. 

If you are ready to start talking about your cath/angio system, we would love it if you gave us a call at 800.722.3646, 239.454.9555 or Contact Us!