Ready to buy a refurbished C-Arm? How do you know the system you are purchasing is accurate and calibrated?

C-Arm dose reduction is a big topic today, and a key component of this is proper calibration of your refurbished C-Arm to insure correct output and accuracy. We need radiation to make good images, but we need to make certain that we use "just enough." Protecting patients, technicians, and physicians is key to this, as we insure they these people aren’t receiving a larger than necessary dose.

Accuracy is directly related to safety and dose reduction in that you must make sure that the kVp and mA settings on your C-Arm match the actual output. This can be tested by your refurbisher, service provider or physicist using a multifunction X-ray meter. Most states allow only a 5% variance in accuracy. If you are purchasing a refurbished C-Arm you may want to see a copy of a report done by your vendor before delivery to insure that you are getting a calibrated, safe, and accurate system. If your vendor cannot provide this sort of report, you may want to consider another vendor.

When your refurbished C-Arm arrives you will need to have your state radiation safety inspect the system. If your C-Arm is not within specification you will be required to correct any deficiencies before continuing to use the system on patients.

Please see the video above for a demonstration on how kV accuracy is tested.

Will La Torre was able to show you how to test the kv accuracy in GE OEC 9800 C-Arm. If you need a C-Arm repaired or need to purchase equipment, please give us a call at 800-722-3646 or 239-454-9555 or click here!