We have a very enthusiastic and telegenic young staff who love to show off each imaging system that comes through our doors.  We call the videos they make IntegrityMed TV ! Click here to check out the videos.(link is external)

Also, since our testing and quality assurance process is so much a part of our Integrity Medical corporate culture, we decided to combine the two elements and have our great team make videos demonstating the imaging systems that get tested here daily.   Hence IntegrityMed TV! Click here to check out the videos.(link is external)

Please take a look-- you'll find some great demonstrations and informational material on diagnostic imaging systems, as well as some amusing "geeking out" on technology.  

The serious part, of course, is that all of the equipment we sell is vigorously tested and can be demonstrated to clients prior to purchase. And to keep our loyal fans happy, we've made most of the videos only 1-4 minutes long.  

And finally, PLEASE be sure to LIKE our videos on YouTube to keep our guys enthusiatic about making more of these great IntegrityMed TV videos.