We like to keep Contrast Injectors happy since they play such a critical role in imaging. Yearly Preventive Maintenance (PMs) and calibrations on Contrast-Media Injectors are important, and should not be neglected if you wish your injectors (and your practice managers) to be happy. Whether you own a CT Injector, an MRI injector, or an Angio Injector, your facility should be doing annual PM's to insure the safety of the device.

A HAPPY Envision Injector

PM's involve testing performance with specific tools and software that measure pressure, and assure that the system is producing accurate pressure, and correct timing. To confirm that the equipment is operating per specifications, and is meeting electrical safety requirements is critical.

Calibrating a Dual-Head Stellant CT Injector

Here at Integrity Medical Systems, every injector we sell is calibrated and PM'ed prior to sale. In addition, we provide year calibrations in the field for imaging centers and hospitals. We also install and repair injectors of all the major brands.  

PM on a Dual-Head Stellant Injector

Typical repairs and service might include inspecting the integrity of the cables, checking voltages on the batteries and the drive systems, replacing cracked cases, replacing burned-out lights, applying lubrication, and performing pressure tests to insure 100% accuracy.

A sticker showing this Injector has been PM'ed

Used by radiology departments and other owners of imaging systems, from x-ray to CT and MRI, contrast media injectors permit visibility-enhancing substances to be introduced at targeted locations within the human body. The presence of these substances makes it possible to produce imaging studies that readily distinguish one set of tissue from another. That can be crucially important to surgeons who need to know precisely where, for instance, lung tissue ends and tumor tissue begins. Various types of contrast agents exist to highlight specific parts of the body; most routinely, contrast is used to improve the views obtained of the vascular system.