Control-X Apex X-Ray System

Control-X Apex X-Ray System


Control-X Medical’s APEX Digital Radiographic Systems & Retro-Fit Kits offer high quality digital imaging solutions for any radiographic environment. Whether in need of a new digital radiographic system or just a Retro-Fit package, Control-X Medical can provide you affordable digital imaging solutions that match today’s digital technology. Their versatile system and component configurations can match the needs of any radiology department. Generator: kW range: 32/40/50/65/80; kV range: 40-150, mA range: 400/500/630/800/1000 Tubestands: Mounting options: Floor, floor-wall, floor-ceiling, ceiling (depending on model) Movements: Vertical, longitudal; Vertical, longitudal, transverse arm; Vertical, longitudal, rotational column; Vertical, longitudal, transverse arm, rotational column. X-ray tube rotation: 180 degrees. X-Ray Tubes: Models: Wide variety of tubes are available from manufacturers such as Toshiba, Varian, and Dunlee. Collimators: Models: Varios models are available from manufacturers such as UMI, Progeny, Collimare. Tables: Movement: Stylix 2: Four way float top; Phoenix: Elevating four way float top; Tabletop dimensions: 86" x 32" (220 x 81 cm); Tabletop travel: Longitudal: 43" (110 cm); Transverse: 4.75" (12 cm); Elevation (Phoenix): 12" (30 cm); Weight limit: Stylix 2: 500 lbs (230 kg); Phoenix: 500 lbs (230 kg) useful use, 660 lbs (300 kg) capable use. Wallstands: Vertical travel: 58.50 (149 cm); Center line -floor distance: 15" (38 cm); Receptor tilt: WS 99T: +90 degrees--30 degrees.