2014 Toshiba Aquilion Prime Cardiac

2014 Toshiba Aquilion Prime Cardiac

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2014 System, 80-Slice Upgrade Kit Installed, Cardiac Options Including SureCard-Prime 2.1, SureCardio with PhaseX,Prospective Gating, ECG Gating. with Extended Couch. S-Series, DICOM, Model 7800T ECG Monitor, UPS. Still installed, available now.

Aquilion Prime Fast Whole Body CT Scanner including Adaptive Interative Dose Reduction 3D (AIDR 3D), Extended Couch, Accessory Kit for Extended Couch, CT Phantom, (2) Chair with Adjustable Arms and Back, 65-Inch by 36-Inch by 30-Inch Console Desk, Dicom 3 Storage Service Class Provider, Dicom 3 Modality Worklist Management Service Class User System, Presentation of Grouped Procedures and Exam Hard Split, Console UPS, Wesemann UPS U10000 Aquilion 2nd Generation Prime with Connection Cables, Wesemann UPS U10000 Connection Kit, Toshiba Power Distribution Unit, Surecardio with Phasexact & Prospective Gating, ECG Gated Scanning, ECG Monitor R Wave Cardiac Trigger, Prime Detector Upgrade Kit, Conexact Double Slice Kit with 80 to 160 Slice Upgrade, Tech Assist Lateral Table Slide,


ModelAquilion Prime Cardiac